Twin Turbocharged 2JZ EE/AA Competition Altered

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Darren Vassie

Darren is an integral part of the car’s operation for each meeting. Darren is a good friend who is always willing to help out when time is permitted. Darren jobs include providing his mechanical experience and knowledge to all the crew.

Katie Hunter

Katie takes care of the puke tanks, C02 refilling, change of engine oil, tyre pressures and refueling.

Phil Melvin

Phil is responsible for all media, packing the chutes and downloading the data information after each pass.

Ben Garth

Ben checks tyre pressures, refueling and packing the chutes. Ben also gets to be the tow  driver at meetings.

Kerri Holmes-Marsh

Kerri is my biggest supporter - because of this I get to go drag racing. I think this has something to do with the fact she is my loving wife.  Kerri gets the job with looking after our little girl Khela and getting all the food together. Most of my runs are videoed to ensure we get to capture any event that could happen.

Kerri and I would like to thank each of the crew and partners for their help at each of the meetings. Without these people it all couldn’t happen. At the end of each night we all sit around and have a BBQ with a few quiet drinks. We try and make sure our team enjoy the racing and the atmosphere so we look after them pretty well. After all, if we don’t enjoy what  we are doing then we should give it away.