Twin Turbocharged 2JZ EE/AA Competition Altered

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National Record

8.521 @ 154.83mph

Thank you for visiting the Unda Presha Racing web site. We have set up this web site to show appreciation to our crew and sponsors.

Without a great crew and excellent partners, we just couldn’t go racing.

The web site has now gone through a major change with the introduction of the new car to the team. We brought our previous car in 2007 from our now good friends Darren & Sally Vassie. The car was then the ANDRA national record holder of 9.438 @ 139mph. We took the car made a few changes and over the first 4 years we run a stock turbocharged 18RG Toyota motor and managed to run a PB of a 8.57 and 154.85mph. We then put together a stroker turbocharged 18RG Toyota motor to improve on our PB to a 8.323 and 160.25mph. Over the time that we raced this car we have reset the ANDRA National CC/MA record a number of times to settle with a 8.521 @ 154.83mph. This car has now been retired from Unda Presha Racing in favour of our new car.

The new car is the ex Warren Allen B/AA chrome moly chassis competition car. We have recently brought a 2JZ motor for the car to run Group 2 Competition class EE/AA. The motor will be set up to run twin T66 Turbonetics turbo’s with Powerglide and mechanical fuel injection. The car has been to Wizard Fabrications & Race Products so the motor and transmission can be set up. We are hoping that it will only take approximately less then twelve months to complete before we can hit the track. In the meantime we have a Marketing opportunity available for any company / companies with this team.

Hopefully with this web site we might show to future sponsors that we enjoy our racing and that you will like our web site. We do appreciate any feed back that could help.

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